When one is willing to be engaged by the power of the written word, knowledge is awakened. Whether a memory stirred, passion awoken or a future revealed, let my words be your faithful servant. I truly appreciate the opportunity you have given me to entertain at your treasured reading moments.


Watchman's Grace Watchman's Grace

“THE WATCHMAN’S GRACE covers a fresh perspective that will have timeless appeal for generations of readers around the world.  It touches issues that affect all of us in a style that is unique and captivating.”

– B.T., USA


“Exceptional Novel.  The author delivers captivating characters within a dynamic atmosphere throughout the novel. The only mystery is why more people have not read or commented on this unique work of historical fiction.”

– Review for ORIGIN (The Ligeance Series Book 1) on Amazon.ca


“Craig’s poetry colors all hues of earthy experiences.  In his works, one can find a striking palette comprised of love, potential and pain, mixed with contrasting amounts of bright hope and stark despair.  MUSINGS OF AN UNKNOWN VICTIM is a must read for people with any interest in moving poetry.”

– B.H., Canada