Musings of an Unknown Victim

Expressions Explain A Sensitive Soul

Watchman's Grace


ISBN 0-9689253-0-8, 9780968925300 (13 digit ISBN).  First Edition, First Printing.  Published January 2003.  Softcover, 42 leaves.  Ring binding.  22 cm x 28 cm.

Price: $25 CAD plus Shipping and Related Costs

 A riveting journey which guides the reader along fascinating thoughtscapes. Travelling through romantic visions, cherished memories and emotional vistas, what is presented here can only be described as required reading for any poetry enthusiast. Nourishment of thought and spirit is provided with every piece in this sterling collection.

PLEASE NOTE.  THERE ARE ONLY 7 COPIES REMAINING OF THE FIRST PAPER BOOK EDITION.  All first edition copies are personally signed by the author.